Takeaway Box Cooking – Brussels Sprouts & Carrots

Takeaway Box Cooking Brussels Sprouts Carrots

You don’t need fancy kitchenware to cook food – this takeaway box cooking method is used quite often in my house if I am cooking small quantities, for one person – today I cooked Brussels sprouts and carrots in a takeaway box – they were on their last legs to be honest and I didn’t think they were worth getting the microwave steamer out for.

I’d bought the carrots and Brussels awhile ago and needed to use up the last of the Brussels sprouts as they were going a bit black and manky looking, so I stripped off those outer, black, leaves and cut out the small black bits …. as you do 🙂

Carrots and Brussels sprouts cook at different times, so I started cooking the carrots, then added the Brussels sprouts in after about 2½ minutes.

Cooking Carrots & Brussels Sprouts Together in a Takeaway Box:

  1. I didn’t bother to peel the carrots, I just gave them a quick scrub down under the tap and sliced them lengthways in half, then into three pieces.  I’ll often not bother to cut carrots until they’ve cooked as that’s easier, but I sliced the carrots a little today to speed up the cooking a little and so they’d easily fit in the box.
  2. Remove any manky/outer leaves from the Brussels sprouts and just snip off the stalk end.
  3. Place the carrots in a microwave safe plastic takeaway box with a little water, not a lot, just 3-4mm or so at the bottom.  Place the lid on the takeaway box, leaving one corner open to allow steam to escape.
  4. Microwave for 2½ minutes on high power (800 watts).
  5. Turn the carrots over and add the Brussels sprouts to the top, I like to put them stalk side down. Replace the takeaway box lid, leaving the corner open to allow a little steam to escape.
  6. Microwave the Brussels sprouts and carrots together for just 2 minutes.
  7. Leave them to stand for 1-2 minutes, drain and serve!

Takeaway Box Cooking Brussels Sprouts Carrots

It’s that simple.

I’ll probably use this technique for my Christmas lunch vegetables as I’m cutting back on vegetables this year, but it does depend on how many I end up cooking, which I won’t actually finally decide on until 10 minutes before I dish up!

This is a takeaway box cooking method is ideal for small quantities, but for larger quantities you can simply cook the vegetables in separate takeaway boxes!  If you are cooking a few more and it’s Christmas, then add a splash of orange juice, rather than water, to the carrots!