Storing Celery to Last Longer

Storing Celery Foil Fridge

I’ve just bought a head of celery, but I won’t be using it for nearly two weeks, so I needed to store it for that amount of time, with the least actual “effort” involved.

One easy way to store celery is to just wrap the whole thing in tin foil and pop it in the fridge.

Storing Celery Last Longer Wrap Foil

This celery is destined to be used in my Christmas lunch Nut Roast, which only needs about 2½ sticks, but I bought the whole head of celery this early as Lidl were selling it as part of their Pick of the Week at just 39p instead of 59p and I know it’ll keep for at least the two weeks I need to wait.

The celery is wrapped up tightly, fully wrapped in the tin foil, with the ends folded right round.

Store Celery Last Longer Wrap Foil

I’m not somebody who “likes” celery, I find it quite bitter and sharp, but the recipe for nut roast I’m following uses a lot of celery and as I know I like it I’m prepared to go out of my way to put actual, real, celery in it!