Orange Marmalade, Scones, no Butter!

Orange Marmalade Scones No Butter

One sweet snack I enjoy is orange marmalade on scones – it’s fast to put together, but there’s no butter on my scones.  You don’t need to have butter, indeed, I find it gets in the way of the taste of the scones and the orange marmalade.

Leaving out the butter also saves me a few calories, helping to justify my little sweet snack without guilt.

There are many foods that can be enjoyed without adding butter and this is one of my regular little afternoon treats at the moment; I tend to get heavily into eating one thing, then suddenly stop.  Right now it’s scones!

You can buy marmalade in individual portions in many shops, so it’s a great picnic nibble to take out on a walk, or to the beach…. having the scones without butter is just one less faff to worry about!