Large Chicken & Gravy Pukka Pie

Large Pukka Pie Chicken Gravy

This large Chicken & Gravy Pukka Pie wasn’t on the shopping list, but I bought it anyway. I was browsing through Asda and saw there was on offer for these large pies in the Pukka Pie range, at £2 instead of £3.25, so I thought it’d be rude not to buy one.

I’d seen a few large Pukka pies for sale in the past, but never really given them much attention before, but thought that for £2 it was worth trying one. The box indicates it serves 3, as the calorie counter gives you the value for 1/3rd of the whole pie – but I cut it into four pieces. The whole pie is about 1400 calories.

I wasn’t really paying too much attention when I bought it though, seeing just the word “chicken” and there being serious shoppers there trying to get their weekly shop done, I didn’t want to think it through and loiter longer.  I usually choose a Chicken & Mushroom Pukka Pie at a chip shop; I don’t even know if this large Pukka Pie is available in a chicken & mushroom.  So, that being the situation, I saw “Pukka … chicken … pie … big … £2” and that was it, job done!

The box says the pie needs to be baked in a pre-heated oven at 180°C for 40 minutes, but as I’ll be using my toaster oven and just baking 1/4 of the pie at a time, I bet I can get that down to just 20 minutes.

I’ll report back with how I found it in a few days’ time.

I seem to shop in cycles – once I’ve had one pie I’ll crave more of them in the coming weeks, then I might not buy one for months!  They shouldn’t make them so tasty…. I do love pies though – and with National Pie Week coming up, this pie’s going to be enjoyed!