Scotch Egg With Homemade Potato Salad

Oven Baked Scotch Egg Homemade Potato Salad Beetroot Crisps

This simple Scotch Egg was served with home-made potato & red onion salad.  It’s good to vary the items you have on your plate when eating salad and not always stick with doing the same old thing… and as I’d made some potato salad in recent days I still had one final portion left in the fridge, so decided to use a couple of sausages and a boiled egg to make an oven baked scotch egg – using sausages is great as you can vary the taste easily, without having to keep a huge collection of extra flavourings and get round to using them up!  I go through fads with sausages, sometimes preferring Cumberland sausages, or Lincolnshire sausages – and sometimes simply looking through for something new and interesting sounding!  Or, you can just pick up a scotch egg at the shops if you really want to cheat!

I had cherry tomatoes to use up and I always have cheddar cheese in, plus I’d bought a jar of small, sweet pickled beetroot, so that was all going on the plate!

I was in the right mood to slice my scotch egg today – I do prefer it to be sliced, rather than halved or quartered, it’s easier to eat like that when the scotch egg’s on the plate.

The Final Flourish: 

Every salad needs that final flourish – the item that brings joy to the plate – and today I decided that half a packet of cheese and onion crisps would be my centrepiece 🙂

There’s something very nice about crisps with a salad in my book!