Quick and Easy Pizza Base for Cheats

A pizza base can be quick and easy to make once you realise it’s just the usual flour/fat mix. There are plenty of cheap packet mixes that make great pizza bases instantly.

You don’t have to buy a pizza base mix either, you can use a packet of dumpling mix to make your pizzas. To be a pizza base it’ll need just a little less water than to be made into dumplings, so measure out the water that the packet says and just be very careful to add only a few drops at a time. Once it looks/feels the right consistency of a pizza base you’ve nailed it!

Quick and easy pizza base

Once made you can choose what to do next, your options include:

  • Pan fry the pizza base for a few minutes, then flip it over, and add the toppings. If you use a pan with a lid then you’ll help to cook the top and melt the cheese as the heat’s held in.
  • Oven bake the pizza base, adding your toppings before or after. Some people like to cook the bases first, then top them and put them back into the oven; others are happy to top the pizza base as it is.

Another alternative is to use naan breads or flatbreads as your base. Simply top them and place in a pre-heated oven for 10-15 minutes, until the cheese has melted and browned.