Muffin Toppings: Blackcurrant Preserve

Breakfast Muffin Toppings Blackcurrant Preserve

A quick and tasty breakfast can be made by topping muffins with your favourite preserve.  I was gifted a lovely jar of some blackcurrant preserve, so that’s been opened now and I thought it’d make a great breakfast this morning.

I already had some muffins to use up, so breakfast was one muffin, toasted, topped with two teaspoons of blackcurrant preserve.

Breakfast in 3 minutes flat!  Perfect – and tasty.


If I freeze muffins how long are they good for?

I freeze muffins all the time.  I slice them open before freezing though just because I find it easier to slice the whole pack in one go, then freeze them, rather than having to get a knife and slice each one each time I use just one muffin.

You can simply open the freezer door and chuck the whole, unopened, packet into the freezer if you’re short on time and have lots of freezer space!

You can defrost frozen muffins by leaving them covered in the fridge overnight, or you can microwave them on half power for ~1 minute.

Muffins will last for ages – certainly more than a year.  But, when you freeze food you should try to use it as soon as possible else it’s just cluttering up the freezer and the longer it’s in there the less you’ll fancy it.  If you do discover some forgotten muffins lurking at the back of the freezer, their texture might have deteriorated, but they’re still completely safe to eat.  If you find you don’t fancy them though, maybe consider using them to make a bread and butter pudding.

Jam Tip:

Don’t use a knife to spread jam, use the back of a teaspoon instead, it’s much easier!  It’s also easier to scoop jam from a jar using a spoon than a knife.