Microwave Meatballs in Hoisin Sauce

I love hoisin sauce and I love meatballs, so meatballs in hoisin sauce has to be a winner, right!  Well, in the spirit of cheating, you can create this hot snack (or main meal) easily at home.

Plenty of supermarkets sell ready-cooked meatballs – and there are also bottles of hoisin sauce.  And, yes, it’s really that simple… Microwave Meatballs Hoisin Sauce

Ready-cooked meatballs just need reheating.  While you can reheat them in the oven, or in a frying pan, for me the quickest/best way to do it is by using my microwave.  I am cooking for one, so 3 smallish meatballs is enough – that’s far too few to justify using an oven or frying pan.


  • Prick your ready-cooked meatballs with a fork and put them into a small microwaveable pot/dish that has a cover.
  • Pour some shop-bought Hoisin Sauce over the meatballs, turning them to coat them, then place the lid loosely on your microwaveable pot, so steam can still escape.
  • Reheat the meatballs for 2-3 minute in the microwave on high.


  • Slice the meatballs and use in a sandwich, or a pitta bread or sub.
  • Serve on top of some instant noodles, or boiled rice.
  • Serve with mashed potato and peas as a main meal – you are even allowed to use instant mash and frozen peas for this!

Image: My microwaved meatballs with hoisin sauce.