Microwave Breakfast Toastie – Sausage & Egg

Microwave Breakfast Toastie Sausage Egg

This is a quick breakfast toastie that can be made in the microwave and then eaten hot, or wrapped in foil and taken out with you to be eaten later, maybe at work for lunch.

This is a cheap and tasty breakfast snack, packed lunch item or mid morning snack that costs about 40p to make for yourself!


  • 1-2 eggs (I used 1 today)
  • Ready cooked sausages
  • 2 slices of toast
  • Splash of brown sauce of ketchup


  1. Beat your egg, put it into a wide/shallow microwave safe dish and microwave it for ~1 minute on high power then break it up with a fork and microwave for a further 1 minute on half power so the middle sets.  If you’ve got a microwave safe dish that’s about the same size as a slice of bread then you can make a nice square omelette, otherwise just go with what you’ve got.
    Microwave Breakfast Toastie Egg Omelette
  2. Microwave ready-cooked sausages for 1-2 minutes until they are hot. My food cheat tip here is that you can use ready cooked cocktail sausages.
  3. Lay the egg out on one piece of toast, add the sausages to the top, splash your favourite sauce on top and add the second piece of toast to the top!
    Breakfast Toastie Egg Omelette
    Today I’ve just used one egg, but if you use two eggs you can either make two separate omelettes, to layer on the top and the bottom, or one fatter one (which will take a little longer to microwave).
    Microwave Breakfast Toastie Sausage Egg HP Sauce


  • When making the egg omelette in the microwave stand and watch what’s happening – so you can break it up and mix it up as it’s forming, to keep it even-sized.
  • Ready cooked cocktail sausages can be bought easily at all main supermarkets and the budget supermarkets.  You can freeze cocktail sausages into portion sizes.

Menu Cost 40p: 

Two slices of toast at 4p, 7 ready cooked cocktail sausages at 28p, 1 egg at 8p.  This toastie costs just 40p plus the cost of a splash of sauce!  Much cheaper than buying something similar in a sandwich shop or at McDonalds.

Make it cheaper: You can make this toastie cheaper if you buy and pre-cook your own sausages. Make up a batch of fried, grilled or baked sausages, which will keep in the fridge for 3-4 days, or can be frozen.  One sausage would make you about a 15p saving, so this toastie would cost just 25p if you use one sausage – or “Go Large” and use two sausages and really pack that toastie fat!