Falcon Enamel Dishes 16cm Pie Tins

Falcon Enamel Dishes 16cm Pie Tins

Falcon enamel dishes are so strong and versatile, I’ve always been a fan.  Having recently started buying more family sized pies, which I cut into quarters (OK, sometimes thirds) to serve myself a meal for one, I thought the Falcon bakeware range might have the perfect fit to bake just a pie portion.  I’ve been using a ceramic dish until now, but it’s larger than necessary, so wanted a smaller dish.

But, like all things, one’s never enough of a good thing is it, so I bought TWO!

These are 16cm rectangular enamelware dishes – perfect to make a “serves one” portion of a pie, or any dish I make, but most likely a perfect fit to reheat a portion of pie or to cook a whole individual pie bought from the shop! If you’re pre-decimal, then 16cm is 6½” long.  Pie sized!

When you are cooking for one it’s essential to build up a good selection of “tiny tins”, small dishes – this size of dish would be perfect to oven bake just 1-2 sausages, for example.  Falcon enamelware stacks neatly and easily, so it’s never a problem to find a corner for them!

Falcon Enamelware Dishes 16cm Pie DishSingle Serving

I’m really pleased to have added these to my collection, they’ll last me a lifetime.

The measurements are: 3.5cm high, 16cm long, 12 cm wide – and they weigh just 109 grams each.  I’ve now got three Falcon enamelware dishes, these two and one larger dish that I use to make cheese and potato pie – I think this type of dish gives a crispier base than when I use a ceramic dish. You can find Falcon enamelware in any good cook shop, or even in local supermarkets.  For those in more remote areas, you can grab yourself Falcon dishes on Amazon – where there are many sizes, shapes and bundles.