Have Sainsbury’s Changed Their Baked Bean Supplier?

Sainsburys Reduced Sugar Salt Baked Beans Tomato Sauce

I’ve been eating the same Sainsbury’s baked beans for several years now – their reduced sugar and salt variety, bought in packs of four usually.  Recently though I’ve wondered if Sainsbury’s have changed their baked bean supplier, the supplier of the actual raw beans themselves.

I was a little taken aback the other week when I ate the beans and became convinced that the actual beans are harder than they used to be.  It is possible that they have changed the recipe, cooking them for less time, but I suspect they have changed the supplier of the basic raw beans.  They might be the same beans, but not the same variety.

I’ve now had several cans and each one’s been the same to me – the baked beans are harder.  I preferred the Sainsbury’s baked beans because the beans weren’t like bullets, but now I’m not so sure I’ll continue to go out of my way to buy their brand.  It might be time to consider the alternatives!

I’d ask them if I thought they’d know and answer me!  As it is I’ll just sit and be annoyed at them quietly I suspect, before switching brands.

Price Comparison:

Bought as a 4-pack, the Sainsbury’s reduced sugar & salt baked beans cost £1 at the moment (they did get as high as £1.25 last year, before dropping in price in the autumn) – but Aldi’s regular baked beans are selling at 89p for a four pack at the moment.  If I no longer find the Sainsbury’s beans “better than others” then my loyalty will have to disappear 🙂  Sainsbury’s is my nearest “mainstream supermarket” but it’s still further than Aldi or Lidl, so takes a special trip to get to.  They’ve stopped selling quite a few of my “go to Sainsbury’s to buy” items in the past year!  Not much point mooching round there in the future it seems.