Easy Way to Slice Strawberries Quickly

Summer’s here – and that means strawberries.  Strawberry slices as cake toppings and strawberry slices in a fruit cocktail, Summer strawberry trifle, Eton mess, or even a simple bowl of strawberries with sugar!

An easy way to slice strawberries quickly is to use a standard egg slicer!  The cut is quick and clean and it produces perfectly sliced strawberries is under a second.  If you’ve a few punnets to get through, for jam making, cake making, or simply eating, then this is the way to go!

Easy Way to Slice Strawberries Quickly

I probably need to get a proper hobby now I’m reduced to pondering the easiest way to slice strawbs!

Summer Trifle:

These are great if you want to put together a fast summer trifle food cheats’ style.

Layer sliced strawberries between 2-3 layers of thinly sliced sponge, pour juice/jelly over them, wait for it to all set, then add cold custard to the top and whip out that canned whipping cream!  Job done – and throw a few sliced strawberries on top of the trifle to finish it off.

Eton Mess:

Using sliced strawberries makes it easier to combine the strawberries with the meringue and cream, so you don’t end up dissatisfied with the distribution of strawberries in the finished dish.  That’s a bit frugal too, as you’ll find fewer strawberries go further!