Keep Your Green Salad Fresh in Your Salad Spinner

Green Salad Fresh Salad Spinner

Salad spinners are used to dry green salad leaves when you’ve rinsed them and need an easy way to get them dry.  Most people would then discard the salad spinner, relegating it instantly back to the dark cupboard until “next time”.

When you buy a lettuce it needs rinsing – and, as a lettuce is wrinkly, you then have the job of drying off the individual leaves.  While some people might wish to wipe each leaf by hand, most people will eventually get themselves a salad spinner as it just seems the easiest way to dry off a lettuce.

But, having spun your lettuce there’s no reason to not cut the rest of your green salad into the spinner and use the spinner to keep your green salad fresh for the next 3-4 days in the fridge.

Because of its construction, with the holes in the sides and good airflow, a salad spinner will keep your salad fresh and usable, so you just have to dip into it in the coming days!

It’s easier to pick and mix what you want from the salad spinner than if you keep the individual salad items in separate boxes.  Of course, you do have to take other people’s likes/dislikes into consideration and you might notice that my salad spinner doesn’t contain any tomatoes, even though I LOVE tomatoes – the reason for this is that this simple green salad was for me and my sibling and she doesn’t like tomatoes (so they can’t go in there) – and, if my dad had been invited then that cucumber wouldn’t have been “allowed” in the green salad as he wouldn’t eat anything that’d touched cucumber 🙂

But … even when the family are being picky or awkward you can still work out the core items to store in the salad spinner in the fridge.

Other green salad items you could include would be spring onions, radishes or celery.

Using this one kitchen gadget to keep your green salad, it’ll stay fresh longer and reduce your washing up as you don’t need to use lots of different storage boxes.