Can you Double Dip Scotch Eggs?

If you’ve ever made your own Scotch Eggs you might find that the coating isn’t very thick – it can be hard to get enough of the breadcrumbs on the outside it seems.

So that then leads to the question: can you double dip Scotch Eggs? Can Double Dip Scotch Eggs

Double dipping coatings such as breadcrumbs, or other alternatives to breadcrumbs that you’re using, is highly recommended as it does give you a chance of getting a good covering – a more even finish.

To double dip breadcrumb coatings you simply go through the motions of coating them the first time – then let them rest a minute or two and repeat.  The result will be nicer looking and more satisfying.

I typically double-dip my oven baked Scotch eggs, just because I don’t feel enough stuck on the first time round!  Also, because I’ve still got the remaining breadcrumbs, or alternatives, sitting on the dish and it seems a waste not to do it!

Depending how they look I’ve even been know to triple dip them, just so they “looked nicer”.  It all depends how fussy you’re feeling that day!

Do you HAVE to double dip Scotch eggs? No.  Once you’ve coated the sausagemeat once, just see how you personally feel about doing it a second time.  There are no rules – and never feel “food shamed” into putting in more time/effort than you feel is necessary.  A perfectionist could play for ages with the coating …. if it’s “just for you”, you might be more interested in how quickly you’ll be eating what you’ve made than how it looks!