Royal Recipes: Royal Banquets

Royal Recipes TV Programme 2017

No recipe notes from me today – I was under-whelmed today and so got distracted while watching this TV programme.

The first recipe seemed complex, with crayfish and gelatine and all sorts of ingredients I’ll never use, so I didn’t make notes.  Apparently Obama ate it … I’d not write home about it.

The lemon mousse masquerading as a souffle looked a bit interesting, but I’d already lost the ability to sit and take notice.  So, again, I didn’t make notes on that.

The Queen’s Drop Scone recipe, that she sent to President Eisenhower – and he responded as he didn’t know what caster sugar is because they call it superfine sugar in America – that didn’t really grab me.  I thought the pan looked very deep with butter!  I’ll not ever make those.

And finally, the pudding – well, that was nice, but I’ll never make it!  Pretty genius to put the slices of fruit in jelly on the inside of the mould – and folding whipped cream into custard seemed OK – but it needed gelatine in the custard for it to set and I know I’ll never buy gelatine or get round to making that.  So, again, I didn’t take notes on these recipes.

C’est la vie.

I think I’m a little fatigued by the format now… how slack of me.