Brooklea Layered Chocolate Trifles Review, Aldi

Brooklea Layered Chocolate Trifles Aldi

Since Christmas I’ve been fancying a chocolate trifle – I had planned to buy myself a chocolate trifle as a Christmas treat, but in the end I bought a smaller regular trifle – I kicked myself afterwards and have promised myself that I will buy a chocolate trifle next year!  So it was great delight that I spotted the Brooklea Layered Chocolate Trifles as I was looking around Aldi’s shelves!

The description on the packet said “trifles with layers of milk chocolate mousse, chocolate custard and chocolate chip cookie topped with British cream” – there were three individual pots weighing 90 grams each.  I fancied a change so that nailed it…. these trifles were coming home with me!  At the time of writing these cost 89p for three pots.

With a shelf life of quite a few days, there was no need for me to justify eating all three immediately!  When I buy dessert packs containing three pots I tend to limit myself to one/day for the following three days.

Nutrition: Nutritionally you’d not expect them to be the healthiest dessert in the world, it’s chocolate for goodness sake!  But there are 240 calories per pot, 13 grams of fat (8.1 grams are saturated fats), 17 grams of sugar and 0.18 grams of salt.  I looked up that sugar value and the official figures say a woman shouldn’t have more than 25 grams of sugar in a day … so one of these pots is fine.

The red bit on the product sleeve is a warning flag for the saturated fats, so I looked those up too – the average woman shouldn’t eat more than 20 grams of saturated fat/day (30 grams of saturated fats for blokes, the lucky things!).  8 grams doesn’t look too shabby now does it!

Everything is about balance – and it’s OK to “sin”, so long as you don’t do it with every meal every day!  And, technically, 17 grams of sugar’s not sinning…. and neither is 8 grams of fat.

I figure it’s important to know if things are bad and good for you – but only AFTER you’ve enjoyed them.  Don’t let it stop you having what you fancy today, just be aware for the future that you should’ve gone a bit easier with that 🙂

So what did I think? Here’s my product review for these Brooklea Trifles:

Brooklea Layered Chocolate Trifles Review Aldi

Tasty – nice and tasty.  However, although they were nice and chocolatey – and I could definitely feel the chocolate chips in there, the pots were really quite small – not as small as the Terrys Chocolate Orange Pots of Joy I tried last year month though (which were tiny).  I’d eat them again, but I’d not rush to the shelf to grab some in the future… I am not sure if this is a pity or a good thing though… it’s not good to automatically buy sweet desserts on autopilot.

I’ve since returned to the shop and eyed them up and walked away.  They’re nice, but not “nice enough” … great for a quick chocolate dessert fix if you’re in a hurry though.  Certainly worth trying – after all, they’re “only” 89p for three – and who knows, we’re all different and they might turn out to be a favourite for you!