Lidl Tiramisu Review, by KingFrais

Lidl Tiramisu Review King Frais

The Lidl Tiramisu, sold with the KingFrais label, was something that found its way into my basket – I was trying to break my addiction with their little trio of cheesecakes selection, which have become more of a habit than I’d like.  So it was time to try something different – a tiramisu.

I’m not usually a tiramisu eating type of person, the world is full of great desserts and so this one will often be “trumped” when I choose. But, I had high hopes!

Tiramisu is an Italian dessert with marsala wine, mascarpone cheese and a sponge cake base soaked in coffee and dusted with cocoa powder.  None of these are ingredients I’ll have in my house, so if this tiramisu was a keeper than my food cheats lifestyle would say to buy it instead of trying to make it!

The pack contains two pots of tiramisu, each weighing 80 grams. At 316 calories/100grams, that means each pot is 253 calories – that’s actually quite a chunk out of a daily allowance.

The shelf life was about two weeks, so I have quite a while before it needs to be eaten.

So, what did I think?

Lidl Tiramisu Review

The photo on the pack front lies about the amount of cake base this product has, it makes it look like there’s almost as much cake base as creamy middle section.  There’s actually very little cake part, I felt it needed to be 2-3x as thick as it was! VERY disappointed in the quantity of cake. Lidl Tiramisu King Frais

The middle section was pretty tasteless, the texture was fine, but it was a disappointment to plough through all the white stuff only to reach an inadequate base.

Overall I’d not bother buying this again, it was edible, but not satisfying.  I didn’t get a feeling of having just eaten a treat at all.  It’s also high on calories – so, in my view, not a good way to spend precious calories at all!

With 250 calories/pot this tiramisu should be delivering a treat, not a feeling that I’d wasted so many precious calories!