Bird’s Dream Topping, Single Portion

Birds Dream Topping Single Portion

As a quick sweet snack, I made a single portion of Bird’s Dream Topping.  Over the years I’ve made this easier as I don’t measure out the milk, I weigh the milk. This means it’s more straight forward to make a single portion.  This makes two heaped tablespoons of (fake) whipped cream.

This time I used 10 grams of the Dream Topping powder and added 40 grams of full cream milk – which milk you use is irrelevant really.


  • 10 grams of Bird’s Dream Topping (US Cool Whip)
  • 40 grams of milk


  1. I put my jug I was going to beat the whip in onto the scales and weighed out the Dream Topping powder and the milk. First the 10 grams of Dream Topping went in, then I added the milk until the scales said 50 grams.
    Single Portion Birds Dream Topping
  2. If you have a mini whisk, then use that to whisk it into a light/fluffy topping.  I used a fork – you will start to notice it thicken and get creamy after just 10-15 seconds – how long you beat the milk and powder together will depend on your own stamina and how you like it.  After 30 seconds I was happy with what I had.
  3. Use this fake whipped cream on top of fruit, or trifles, cheesecakes and banoffee pie – or, like I just did, pop it into a pot and eat it on its own!

The mixture is pretty forgiving when it comes to accurate measurements.  You can use any milk you’ve got, whether that’s full fat milk, skimmed milk, Nestle carnation, or even a mix of powdered milk and water.  You can mix up the whip to be as light/fluffy as you wish by adding a little more milk/liquid.


There are many toppings I could’ve sprinkled onto this if I’d wished to – from grated chocolate, to hundreds and thousands, or even a squirt of ice cream sauce or a dribble of jam juice.  I’m happy to eat this as it is though, so there was no need.

It tastes sweet and is a real treat – I “skimped” on my beating today as it comes together very quickly and so I was just interested in eating it.  If you beat it with a mini whisk, or for longer with a fork, it makes a lot larger portion size.

This is a really easy dessert topper to put together and the packet keeps in the cupboard for years!

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