Beans on Toast with Emmental Cheese

Beans Toast Emmental Cheese

Just when you think cheesy beans on toast is enough joy in life, you discover Emmental cheese slices with beans on toast and have a rethink!

I’d recently been sucked into buying up vast quantities of Lidl’s Weekend offer on packs of Sliced Emmental Cheese, for 89p/pack.  For some unknown reason I bought three packs and it’s over a month on and I’ve still only finished one pack.  So I thought I’d use a slice of Emmental on top of beans on toast.  There are 11 slices in a pack …. that’s a LOT of cheese slices to eat through, although I have mostly used them in cheeseburgers.

And what a winner!

I usually grate cheese on top of beans on toast, or just cut pieces from whichever block I am currently eating….

These Emmental cheese slices were large enough to simply lay on the top of the baked beans, creating no mess and no washing up as I’d had to cut nothing!

What a lazy oik, eh!  But I’d recommend this…. if you like to find food cheats that save some money, time, or effort in some small way that “feels like a bit of a win”.

Tip: Get the beans super hot and the cheese softens and wilts on top.  For me…. I was too busy trying to take the photo etc to have done this, so the cheese isn’t as softened as can be achieved.

Zero Food Waste:

I have a zero food waste policy, so everything has to be eaten, somehow…. which, when you’re cooking for one, often means you’re eating a lot of beans on toast just to use up the last tin of beans you opened – as a rule of thumb I get three portions of beans from a tin – and, although they can be frozen, having beans on toast is also a way to get through the seemingly endless frozen bread that needs to be eaten 🙂

Anyway, beans are good for you!  Cheap, tasty and full of protein.  You can never lose with beans – I use them a lot in dishes, even substituting red kidney beans in chilli con carne with baked beans as I prefer them to kidney beans.  Beans are a quick and versatile side dish to so much of the type of retro food that I like to eat.

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