Milbona/Lidl Emmental Special Offer Weekend

Milbona Lidl Emmental Cheese Slices

Packs of Milbona Emmental Cheese slices were on special offer at Lidl, so I thought I’d pick up a pack – then, once in the shop, finding they had stacks of it, I bought three packs.  I’ve no idea why really!  These are cheese slices and there are 11 slices in a pack.

For the Lidl Super Weekend Offers, 12-13 August 2017 these cheese slices were priced at 89p down from their usual price of £1.69.  The packs were 350 grams, which is £2.54/Kg – that’s a very low price for cheese, which is what caught my eye.  Emmental cheese can be used as a cheddar substitute for a lot of the foods I regularly cook, so I didn’t see this purchase as an issue. Although the texture is more “rubbery” than cheddar and Emmental isn’t as strong tasting as my usual vintage mature cheddar, this was cheaper, so seemed a no-brainer to me and my frugal thinking 🙂  It’s cheese…. therefore it’s good.

These cheese slices are quite thick – and about  1½ the size of the sort of cheese slices you see popped onto the top of burgers.

The main issue with buying cheese slices is that they tend, to me, to go off a bit quicker than standard blocks of cheese, so, having opened the pack, I immediately wrapped the cheese slices in foil and put them in the fridge, so they didn’t dry out or discolour.

Milbona Lidl Emmental Cheese Slices

You can freeze Emmental cheese slices, but then you do have to go to some extra effort to separate the slices first, using greaseproof paper or foil, so you can just lift one single slice out in the future, so I felt duty bound to eat up all 11 slices without freezing any of them!

Three packs to get through … this will take me months!

What I Made: 

Here are some of the ways I ended up using these cheese slices, most went into sandwiches or to make  cheeseburgers: