Baked Beans & Poached Egg on Toast, Microwave Cooked

Beans Toast Poached Egg Microwave Crust

Just a microwave oven and toaster are needed to make his hot, tasty and filling baked beans and poached egg on toast!  I didn’t used to like bread crusts, but now I view them as a “treat” as bread crusts are thicker and so are a great base for toast toppers.

I’m cutting back little a bit on luxurious living as my waistline’s widening slightly – which isn’t good!  Too many pies I think 🙂  Beans on toast and variations are a great frugal snack/meal, so I’ll eat more of these in the next couple of months … which will also help to pay for my Christmas Dinner!

This is one of my favourite meals, which I’ll eat at any time of day! Eating beans on toast, for me, is no “hardship” at all!  It’s really tasty.  Adding a poached egg to the top is a good way of filling up on affordable healthy food!


  • 1 crust of bread
  • 1/3rd tin of baked beans (~150 grams)
  • 1 egg


  1. Toast your crust of bread to the colour you like.
  2. Put the beans into a small microwave safe dish, or mug and microwave for a total of 1½ minutes, stirring half way through. How to Cook Baked Beans in the Microwave
  3. Poach the egg in the microwave – I use poach pods to make poached eggs.
  4. Serve – and add a dash of HP Sauce!

This meal works well as a breakfast, a lunch or supper.  It’s quick, filling and healthy too!

Menu Cost: 

Using supermarket basics’ brands, this would cost under 20p to make!