How to Cook Sausage Rolls in a Mini Oven

Mini ovens are great for cooking or reheating small quantities – and quickly.  Often called toaster ovens, most are actually just small ovens and very lightweight.  They’re perfect for home use, or if you’re going camping or have a camper van. Cook Sausage Rolls In Mini Oven

Living alone, there’s no point in firing up a whole oven just to heat up 1-2 small sausage rolls, or an individual serving of pizza or quiche. An increasing number of people are finding they only have a use for their main oven when they have a full meal to cook for several people on Christmas Day!

These instructions are for reheating ready-cooked sausage rolls.  Although it is possible to cook sausage rolls from scratch in a mini oven, most of the time I just use ready-cooked sausage rolls and reheat them.  The best sausage rolls available to me at the moment are the packs of five sausage rolls sold at Lidl, under the Castle Grove label.  They currently cost just £0.85 for five.

The pack instructions say to place the sausage rolls in a pre-heated oven for 12-15 minutes.  I find my mini oven cooks them faster than this though and with no pre-heating.  You can place the sausage rolls on a small piece of foil or in a dish. Don’t place them directly on the wire rack as they will let out some fats during the cooking, which will then make a mess that’ll need cleaning up.


  1. Place the sausage rolls in the oven with the shelf on the lowest position.
  2. Set the top and bottom elements to be on.
  3. Set the temperature gauge to 190°C.
  4. Set the timer to 6 minutes and turn the mini oven on Cook Sausage Rolls In Mini Oven

In my oven, which is a £30 mini oven from Lidl, this is spot on.  Any longer and the pastry starts to blacken (I did my first batch for 8 minutes and didn’t stand and watch them!). I’ve tried several settings with the mini oven before deciding that the above instructions are what works for my sausage rolls in my oven.

Using the top and bottom elements means the oven function is on (the bottom element) and the grill function is on (the top element).  Combined they produce hot sausage rolls in just 6 minutes with no pre-heating. It’s important when you buy any new gadget to have a notepad in your kitchen so you can keep notes of temperature and timings until you’ve found the perfect match!

Serving Suggestions:

Hot Sausage Rolls Mashed Potatoes Baked BeansOften I will simply eat the hot sausage rolls on their own, but sometimes I’ll make a meal of them.

Today I had sausage rolls, rustic mash and baked beans!  I made the mashed potatoes and heated the baked beans up in the microwave. From start to finish this took me just 15 minutes – most of that time was the time it took to steam the potatoes to make the mash!  For a further food cheats tip, you could use instant mash and be eating this meal in just 6-7 minutes!