British Pie Week, 6-12 March 2017

British Pie Week 2017 4 Portions Pukka Pie
It’s British Pie Week again – and I’ll be doing my bit! Luckily, I’ve lined up a nice pie for the week. The options were whether to choose to eat a different pie every day, or buy a large family pie – well, the big pie won and I’ll simply serve it with varying side dishes over four days.

British Pie Week’s a major pie event in the UK these days, with pie makers making pies and everybody that sells food promoting their pies – there are far too many to choose from and I like to keep things simple, so I’ll stick with a regular Pukka pie thank you very much!

The pie I’m using is the Pukka Pie Chicken & Gravy – served with a different side dish every day depending on what’s in the freezer and vegetable basket.