Tower Gate Digestive Biscuits Review

Tower Gate Digestive Biscuits Review Lidl

I seem to be in a “biscuits mood” lately, although, to be fair, I only bought the first packet in order to make some cheesecake bases – the trouble is that I’ve not made a single cheesecake from these so far as I’ve managed to just chomp my way through all the packets I’ve bought in “specially” 🙁

The Tower Gate Digestives, sold at Lidl, cost just 31p a packet, at the time of writing – and contain about 27 biscuits.  That’s, give or take, just 1p per biscuit.  A cheap treat indeed!

I didn’t have much hope for them the first time I picked them up; I’ve not really been somebody who often buys biscuits just to eat as biscuits and I’d only bought these JUST so I could make cheesecakes, which need a biscuit base, so digestives were purchased… but then I got peckish later in the evening and had a couple …. then a couple more – and soon, the whole packet was gone!

So I bought another packet, this time thinking “These are nice biscuits in their own right” – again, intending to make cheesecake and, guess what … yes, I ate the whole packet without getting close to making that cheesecake!

So here I am now, on my third packet (again, bought intending to make cheesecake) and I’ve opened them already.

The Tower Gate digestives are very easy to eat, they have a lovely soft crumbly texture and are very light on the tongue.  The packet contains 400 grams, 27 digestives.

Tower Gate Digestive Biscuits Lidl For CheeseCake Biscuit Base

Calories in Digestive Biscuits

I had a quick peek at the calories, let’s face it though, no biscuit’s ever going to be light on calories is it … with a calorie count of 474 calories per 100 grams, this means a whole packet contains 1896 calories in the pack! (OMG, wish I hadn’t worked that out now).

Per Biscuit? With 27 digestive biscuits in the current pack (and assuming they all contain 27 biscuits), that is 70 calories in one digestive biscuit!  Although that seems a little high, so long as I remember to only eat one at a time in future, that’s not too bad, it’s fewer calories than a slice of toast!

Nutritional Information

As I said, these are biscuits, you can’t expect them to be “good for you” or “healthy” by any stretch of the imagination… but, for the record, one digestive biscuit contains:

71 calories, 2.9 grams of fat, 1.4 grams of saturated fat, 2.7 grams of sugar and 0.14 grams of salt.

Not surprising when you think that a biscuit recipe is: Take butter, sugar and flour, mix together and bake!

I have already recommended these biscuits to a friend and will continue to buy them for these cheesecakes I will allegedly make AND to eat as biscuits in their own right.