Sainsburys Fully Loaded Pizza: Chilli Beef

Sainsburys Chilli Beef Pizza

I’m afraid I get into food ruts – once I like something I’ll buy and eat it for days in a row!  Having recently bought a mini oven, as I was missing browned and crisp-topped pizza so much, I had picked up a 10″ pizza from Sainsburys just last week – and eaten it!

Well, I was in there again and found myself buying another one, identical to the last.  It was their fault as the shelf price had dropped by 40p since I bought last week, so this pizza cost just £1.80 and it should be good for three meals (6 slices).

Cooking pizza in the mini oven is nice and straight forward.  The pack instructions say to pre-heat the oven to 200°C and cook it for 12-15 minutes, but in the mini oven I can serve my slices of pizza in just 10 minutes, without any pre-heating!

So it takes half the time!

My settings in the mini oven to bake 1/3rd of this fully loaded, deep pan, Chilli Beef pizza from Sainsburys were: Sainsburys Chilli Beef Fully Loaded Pizza

  • Set the temperature gauge to 190°C
  • No pre-heating required
  • Put the mini oven shelf in the lower position
  • Set the element indicator so that both the top and the bottom elements come on
  • Set the timer to 10 minutes

It was tasty 🙂

Overall, I still think I prefer the Asda American Sizzler pizza, with extra chilli, but Asda’s a 12 mile round trip, Sainsbury’s is (just) walkable, being just a 2 mile round trip.  So, you have to buy what’s available/accessible to you; it’d have been nuts to drive to Asda just to get one of their pizzas as there’s not really THAT much difference between the two.


With the modern trend towards people making their own takeaway, with the term Fakeaway coined – nobody says you have to make your fakeaway from scratch – it is OK to buy in your treats, if you’re getting a saving!