Pukka Pie Served with Baked Beans and Mashed Potatoes

Pukka Pie Baked Beans Mashed Potato
My first portion of pie in British Pie week is 1/4 of this gloriously tasty looking Pukka Pie, a Chicken & Gravy pie, intended as a single family serving, I’ll eat it over four separate days, but with varying side dishes.

I didn’t want to go shopping, just to show you how innovative I am with my side dishes, so you get to see a selection of easy to find and easy to buy serving suggestions.

I cooked this quarter of a pie in my mini oven, the small toaster oven needs no pre-heating and so the portion of pie was cooked from chilled in half the cooking time the box suggested, taking only 20 minutes. I didn’t have cooking instructions for a 1/4 of a pie in a toaster oven, so had to make it up – at first I had the top and bottom elements on for 10 minutes, but, as you can see, that’s a little too long as the top starts to burn. After this I’ll use the top and bottom elements for just 5 minutes, then I’ll turn the top element off and cook the pie for the remaining 15 minutes with just the bottom oven element on. The top element in a toaster oven is intended as a grill – so this isn’t a surprise this happened…. I’ll typically start any cooking session by having the top and bottom elements on to get the mini oven up to temperature as quickly as possible.

  • The baked beans are lower salt and lower sugar baked beans – just a supermarket own brand and these were re-heated in the microwave.
  • I chose instant mash to go with this – instant mash keeps for months in the cupboard and is 99% potato, it’s a cupboard staple for me as it doesn’t go off, so I always have it in stock.

Day one of British Pie Week done and dusted….

10 a Day

Well, this was a big fat fail really wasn’t it.  The beans count as one portion towards 10 a day.  To increase that I’d have to either choose a vegetable pie, or add more vegetables onto the plate.

C’est la vie.

Menu Cost: 

I bought this pie when it was a special promotional price of £2, so this portion was just 50p.  The baked beans are 10p and the instant potato with a knob of butter works out at about 5p.  So the meal cost here was 65p.  This is a filling meal and was my main meal for the day.