British Pie Week 2016, 7-13 March 2016

What could be better than British Pie Week? In 2016 British Pie Week runs from Monday 7 March to Sunday 13 March and it’s a great idea if you can plan to eat at least ONE pie during that week.

Now, I know British Pie Week is an invented week, a marketing event, by Jus Rol Pastry, but pies are SO important to British culture that it shouldn’t just slide by unnoticed. British Pie Week 2016

And, I can celebrate in style as I’m now the proud owner of a Lidl mini oven, bought last month, it means I can make or choose my own perfect pie to cook/reheat/bake/eat – whereas my previous options would’ve been restricted to what the chip shop was selling.  Mini ovens are perfect pie ovens, they get up to temperature in a few minutes and make sure you’re not wasting energy heating up a whole oven for 1-2 small pies!

My favourite pies from a chip shop are Pukka Pies – and I thought it was great when Pukka started selling these through supermarkets a few years back.  Finally, I could buy/bake my own Pukka Pie.   But, even without an oven, I did microwave a chicken & mushroom Pukka Pie just a week ago.  It’s not the same as a nice, crisp, baked pie though is it.

So, while I mull over my pie options this week, I’ll leave it for you to think of your favourite pie and go to buy it!