Fish Finger Tortilla Wrap with Salad Cream

Fish Finger Tortilla Wrap Salad Cream

I’m a big lover of salad cream, rather than mayonnaise – so my favourite fish finger tortilla wrap is with salad cream and not with mayonnaise!  Lunch today needed to be fast, so I thought a simple and easy fish finger wrap would hit the spot – and I was right.


  • Four fish fingers, cooked.  I microwave fish fingers, but you can fry fish fingers, or oven bake them if
    you wish.  My quick lunch was all about speed, not presentation!
  • Salad cream – as much or as little as you like.
  • Optional: Of course you can add in shredded lettuce, or chopped tomato, or even raw onion – all these extras are optional and I didn’t add them this time.

MethodFish Finger Tortilla Wrap Salad Cream

  1. Microwave the tortilla wrap for 15 seconds on so each side – this is optional to be honest, it’s just that’s how I like it, so I do it.
  2. Take your cooked fish fingers and cut them in half – lay them down towards one end of the tortilla.  You’re cutting them in half to aid the rolling part!
  3. Squirt as much, or as little, salad cream on the fish fingers as you like.
  4. Starting from the end where you’ve put the fish fingers, carefully roll up your tortilla wrap.
  5. Cut in half, eat.

You can eat this hot or cold.  Mine was hot today 🙂

I used my usual Rowan Bakery Mediterranean Herb tortilla wraps, but you can use any type/brand or flavour that you want!

Menu Cost: 

These fish finger wraps work out at about £0.50 each.