Naan Bread Pizza: Cheese, Tomatoes, Peppers & Sweet Chilli

I found myself wandering into a Home Bargains today and spotted packs of two naan breads – they looked nice and large, round and flat, so I decided right there and then that I’d have a naan bread pizza for my evening meal tonight. Naan Bread Pizza Microwave

This decision was made, in part, because I also had four mini tomatoes, leftovers from buying them at Lidl when they were their Pick of the Week about two weeks ago and because I’ve also bought three peppers this week from Lidl’s pick of the week.

I have a zero waste policy, so everything I buy has to be eaten – and eaten by me.  So that settled it!

Keeping it simple, as ever, this cheats pizza’s easy to put together and it’s really just what you’ve got!

Today I used:

  • 1 naan bread
  • 4 mini tomatoes – could’ve done with more, but that was all I had
  • 2 small slices from a green pepper
  • A big splash of sweet chilli sauce
  • Oregano.

All of the above are optional!  I’ve no idea why I added oregano, I just decided that some form of herbs sprinkled on the top would be good and it was oregano or mixed herbs.  So Oregano was picked.

You might notice that this is without a tomato sauce base.  Having a tomato base on a pizza isn’t compulsory!  I usually make my own, but today I didn’t fancy doing it.

  1. First I laid out a layer of grated cheddar cheese.
  2. Next I sliced the tomatoes on top.
  3. Then the green peppers were cut into small pieces and dotted about.
  4. Finally, a quick flourish of a little more grated cheddar!

A big sprinkle of Oregano and a big splash of sweet chilli sauce and it was ready for the microwave!

I’ve no oven or grill at present, but the microwave’s just as good.  When cooking a naan bread pizza in a microwave the toppings will cook, it just won’t brown.  If you can live without a pizza browning, then it all still tastes the same!

Next, it was into the microwave for four minutes at half power, my microwave oven is 800 watts.  I like to give it a blast of two minutes, then open the microwave door and wait for a minute, then repeat.

It’s ready once the cheese has melted!

If you want to make sure your naan bread doesn’t have a soggy bottom, then check out this microwave tip: No Soggy Bottom

The naan breads were in a vacuum pack of two, costing £0.49, so this naan bread pizza base was just £0.25.  The toppings cost me about £0.25.  So, total cost was just £0.50.  And it was hot and tasty!

I will definitely be buying more of these Home Bargains naan breads in the future, they were a good size and a good texture!

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