Microwave Breakfast: Muffins, Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Tomatoes

Quick Microwave Breakfast Toasted Muffin Scrambled Eggs Sausages Tomatoes

Who doesn’t like a hot breakfast?  Making breakfast using the microwave can be quicker than other methods, and produce less mess and washing up.  This filling Breakfast Bowl will set me up for the day!

This morning’s breakfast was one of my usual “Full English” varieties, although I don’t eat bacon or mushrooms, so they’re not present!

How to Make this Microwave Breakfast: 

  1. Muffins: Slice in half, then toast in a toaster
  2. Open a tin of tomatoes and put them into a microwave safe dish.  I strain off the cold tomato juice and freeze it to throw into slow cooker meals in the future.
  3. Beat 3 eggs in a microwave safe jug (I use a glass Pyrex jug for this).
  4. Slice 5-6 ready-cooked cocktail sausages in half.
  5. Put the tomatoes and the eggs in the microwave and cook for 1½ minutes on full power (my microwave is 800 wattts).  Stir the eggs with a fork to break them up. Microwave the two again for about 1 minute.  Watch how the egg is cooking, you’ll tell when it’s done.
  6. Remove the eggs from the microwave and fork in a knob of butter.
  7. Place the 5-6 cooked cocktail sausages in with the tomatoes and microwave for 1 minute.
  8. Pile it high, squirt on some brown sauce, serve, eat.

The cheats part of this is using ready-cooked sausages.  You can use your own ready-cooked sausages you’ve been keeping in the fridge, or even some you’ve previously frozen.  If you use frozen sausages then microwave those to defrost them for 2-3 minutes.

Menu Cost: 

The total cost of this is about £1.  Three eggs and a tin of tomatoes is about £0.60, the ready cooked cocktail sausages are about £0.20, the muffin’s about £0.15.  Then it’s the cost of a splash of brown sauce and a knob of butter.