Easter Eggs – Lidl Chocolate Bunny

I don’t usually buy myself an easter egg, but I was wandering round Lidl and saw the Lidl chocolate bunny on the shelf and couldn’t help myself.  I bought one.  So, there he sat, I knew his time was coming, but he had no idea.

Then, as it’s Easter Sunday, the bunny’s day had come and I scoffed the lot. Lidl Chocolate Bunny

This Lidl Easter Bunny weighed 150 grams, so I don’t feel too bad about that at all.  Taste-wise, I’ve had better, but it was more about the excitement of a hollow chocolate bunny than the taste.

Would I buy it again? Probably not, based on taste – but I might impulse buy one at a future point, just for the fun of seeing him perched on the side unit for a few days.

I think I’d prefer to have a Smarties easter egg, or maybe a Twirl…. or a Flake … or …. oh God there’s so much choice!