Chicken & Gravy Pie with Chips and Peas

Pukka Pie Chicken Gravy Chips Peas Gravy

It’s the final quarter of the chicken & gravy pie I bought, it’s the Pukka Pie brand!  I got the impression it was supposed to divide into three portions as the box gave the calorie count for 1/3rd of the pie – but I found 1/4 portions were adequate.  Pie, chips and peas – that’s good, solid British food right there on the plate – and in under 30 minutes!

Again I cooked this in the toaster oven – but one thing you will find with a toaster oven is that there are some items that could really be turned half way through the cooking time, else they burn at the bottom – chips is one of those things.  However, as it’s “just me” I preferred to just accept that if I didn’t turn the chips over then they’d get very brown on the bottom, which they did.

I knew, I chose.  That’s how it rolls some days!

I cooked the pie and the chips in the toaster oven, for 20 minutes on the bottom shelf – and the peas were cooked by my usual method of defrosting in boiling water then microwaving for 30-60 seconds.  I thought gravy was needed, so I used a teaspoon of Bisto gravy granules and mixed those with some boiling water.

And that’s it for me for British Pie Week – one pie, four slightly different meals … and a few vegetables tossed in just so I don’t look too slack at vegetables 🙂

10 A Day

Pretty much a fail here, the peas count for one of the 10/day. Oh well …. pie’s better for good mental health 🙂

Menu Cost: 

The pie, quartered, cost 50p/quarter.  The chips were frozen and cost 50p/1Kg, I used 250 grams, so that’s 13p.  The peas are 8p worth (£1/Kg, 80 grams used).  Total cost of pie, chips, peas and gravy would therefore be about 71p.  A good, filling, tasty, frugal main meal!