Atora Suet Recipes Book List of Contents

Vintage Atora Suet Recipe Book List Of Contents

Split into nine sections, below is the List of Contents in the Atora Suet Recipes Book:

Section I Dumplings Sweet & Savoury

  • General Directions; “ATORA” Dumplings; Savoury Variations; Onion Dumplings; Sweet Variations; Apple Dumplings; Baked Apple Dumplings; Toffee Apple Dumplings; Pear Dumplings; Baked Dumplings.

Section II. Steamed Puddings

  • General Directions; Individual Puddings; Pressure Cooking’ Almond Pudding’ “ATORA” Pudding No 1; “ATORA” Pudding No 2 with sauce, or as a roll; Jame or Syrup Pudding; Golden Cup Pudding’ Layer Puddings; Bread Pudding No 1;  Bread Pudding No 2; Brown Bread Pudding; Chocolate Pudding; Chocolate and Coffee Pudding; Coconut Pudding; Dried Fruit Puddings; Gingerbread Pudding; Ginger Pudding; Ginger Golden Cup Pudding; Golden Pudding; Jubilee Pudding; Llanberis Pudding; Orange or Lemon Pudding; Pound Pudding; Puddings with Jam etc; Roly Poly Puddings; Rhubarb Brown Betty Pudding; Sage Fruit Pudding; Spiced Pudding; Spanish Pudding; Syrup Sponge Pudding; “ATORA” Pudding Fritters.

Section III. Christmas Fare

  • Introduction; Christmas Pudding (for 4 puddings); Christmas Pudding (slightly less rich); Mincemeat; How to stuff poultry; Chestnut Stuffing; Giblet Stuffing; Parsley Stuffing; Sage and Onion Stuffing; Veal Stuffing; Forcemeat Balls; For the days after Xmas; Turkey Roll; Giblet Pudding; Poultry Dumplings; Using up Christmas Pudding.

Section IV. Baked Puddings

  • General Directions; Apple Custard; Apricot Delight; Bachelor’s Pudding; Baked Jam Roll; Banana Chocolate Pudding; Birthday Pudding; Bread Puddings – Baked; Brown Betty Puddings; Children’s Pudding; Crisp Topped Pudding; Date & Honey Pudding; Emergency Pudding; Fruit Pudding – Baked; Ginger Pudding (Preserved); Marmalade Pudding; Meringue Pudding; Normady Pudding; Orange Pudding; Rochdale Pudding.

Section V. Puddings that can be Served Hot or Cold

  • Introduction; Apple & Almond Pudding’ Caratora Pudding; Chestnut Meringue Pudding; Coconut Layer Pudding; Fruit Charlottes; Princess Pudding; Rice Croquettes; Vienna Pudding.

Section VI. Savoury Dishes

  • Introduction; Steak & Kidney Pudding; Variations on Steak and Kidney Pudding; Cup Steak Puddings; Rabbit or Hare Pudding; Mushroom Pudding; Steak and Kidney Pie; Baked Savoury Roll; Boiling Fowl – Stuffed; Fish and Mushroom Balls; Fish Pudding; Liver and Rice Mould; Meat Gelatine; Pease Pudding; Roast Rabbit or Hare; Stuffed Marrow; Stuffed Spanish Onions; Tongue Rolls.

Section VII. Traditional Recipes

  • Introduction; Buckinghamshire Dumpling; Cotswold Dumplings; Duck Puddings; Somerset Apple Pudding; Sussex Blanket; Sussex Well Pudding; Yorkshire Savoury Pudding.

Section VIII. Sauces for Puddings

  • General Directions; Sweet White Sauce; Almond Sauce; Arrowroot Sauce; Brandy Sauce; Chocolate Sauce; Coffee Sauce; Rum Sauce; Custard Sauce; Jam Sauce and variations; Lemon or Orange Sauce; Syrup Sauce.

Section IX. Sundries

  • Introduction; Milk Puddings; Porridge; Basting; Pancakes or Yorkshire Pudding Batter; Stuffing; To treat a cough.

“All recipes throughout this book are sufficient for four average portions”

I can see all my favourite Suet recipes listed above – and some unexpected items.  I think the booklet has covered a good spectrum of other handy recipes to have, making this a more useful book than a typical modern recipe book written by modern food suppliers!

There are quite a few Suet recipes in the book that have piqued my interest!  There are definitely two recipes I will NEVER try though – the Giblet Stuffing and Giblet Pudding.  We used to give the giblets to the cat – outside so we didn’t have to watch him eating them 🙂