Are Pyrex Glass Jugs Microwave Safe?

Using a microwave to cook?   The instructions will usually tell you to put your food into a microwave safe dish or bowl.  In short, this means anything that does not have metal in it and usually means that glassware and many plastics are safe (but not all plastics!), but you still need to think it through a little bit.  Although most plastics are safe, some will melt.  I save plastic butter tubs for freezing portions – they’re great for the freezer, but I’d not really want to try them in the microwave.  They might be safe, they might not…. so I don’t try it.  One day I’ll investigate that probably! Pyrex Glass Jugs Microwave Safe

One of my favourite microwave safe cooking dishes to use is a standard Pyrex glass jug.

Is it Safe to Use a Pyrex Jug in the Microwave?

I’ve got two Pyrex glass jugs, which sit neatly stacked in my cupboard because this design of Pyrex jugs have open-ended handles so they nest easily.  Pyrex glassware is safe in the microwave, in all its shapes/guises.  I find the jugs very convenient for microwave cooking as the handle is great for removing the dish from the microwave – and handy to hold if I’m stirring the contents.

You’ll notice I use a Pyrex jug to make everything from macaroni cheese, to stuffing for a roast dinner and even microwave steamed puddings!  Having the handle means it’s really easy when hand-beating Yorkshire pudding mix, or scrambled eggs, because the handle is something to grip and hold onto. They’re just so versatile – and really cheap, a real “kitchen secret” in my opinion!  Invaluable. So, if you were wondering if it is safe using Pyrex jugs in the microwave, the answer is “yes”!

All I need now is a couple of small Pyrex jugs, for those smaller dishes!  They’ll also be the perfect size for “mug cooking”, which I currently do in the larger jugs I’ve got.  The three smaller/standard sizes for Pyrex jugs are 0.25 litres, 0.5 litres and 1 litre.  The two jugs I’ve got hold 1 pint/0.5 litre, so it’s the 0.25 litres size I crave!

Pyrex glass jugs are also heat resistant and dishwasher safe.

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