Will a 10″ Pizza Fit in my Mini Oven?

One of the main reasons I bought a mini oven was for cooking pizzas, so it was important for me to know if a 10″ pizza would fit into the mini oven, without having to buy it first and hope. However, what I discovered is that most manufacturers are a little slack in giving you this detail.  Surely most people will want to know if something so regularly sized would fit!

I bought my mini oven from Lidl, it’s a Silverline.  I had to take a bit of a chance that a 10″ pizza would fit inside.  I figured that, mostly, I don’t cook a whole pizza – and if I ever had to then I’d not mind trimming the edges.  I had measured the inside when I first unpacked it and it looked like a 10″ pizza would fit, but 10″ on a measuring tape is a different beast to a laden 10″ pizza from a shop! 10 Inch Pizza In Mini Oven

In today’s shopping trip to Sainsburys I spotted ready made pizzas, so decided that today was the day I’d buy one and find out!  The chilli beef pizza was good enough for my experiment.  It only costs £2.20 so it’s not a huge extravagence!

Now, I don’t eat a whole pizza!  A 10″ pizza serves 2-3 portions in my house, but for the purposes of knowing I did unwrap it and place the whole pizza in the oven, then shut the door.

So, the answer is: Yes, a 10″ pizza will fit in the mini oven I bought from Lidl – and, it’s not touching the rear of the oven, nor touching the glass at the front.  10″ is on the limit of what would fit, but it’s not a squeeze.

So, if you buy the same pizza as me – and the same mini oven – then it’ll fit.  For all other makes of pizza and ovens, you’re on your own 🙂


10 Inch Pizza In Mini OvenOf course, if you want to fit a 14″ pizza in, as they’re better value, then it’s obvious you’ll have to cut it in half, but then it’s still too wide, so then you need a bit of nifty maths to work out if 1/3rd of a 14″ pizza would fit.  I think it would.  I’ll do the detailed maths at some point!

Pizza Maths has always been ‘interesting’ to me as you can get a better deal.  My sister and I used to have a 10″ pizza each, from Asda, when I visited, but it works out that a 14″ pizza is cheaper and provides about the same amount of pizza!

A 10″ pizza is 78 square inches.

A 14″ pizza is 154 square inches.

With an Asda pizza counter we always have some extras, with our 10″ pizzas costing £3.60 each and a single 14″ pizza with the same toppings costing £4.50 that means the 14″ gives the same amount of pizza at a much lower cost!  Just £2.25 each instead of £3.60!  Of course, you do need to both want the same toppings and have an oven large enough 🙂