Welsh Pantry Cheese & Onion Slices Review

Welsh Pantry Cheese Onion Slices Review

I do love pastry-based foods, whether it’s pies, quiches, pasties, sausage rolls, or slices – and I quickly grabbed a pack of two Welsh Pantry Cheese & Onion slices as I needed something quick to eat and I’m a sucker for something savoury rather than sweet.

What made me grab these savoury pastries was when I spotted they were a YS food item – “YS” means Yellow Sticker and indicates that it’s close to the end of the day so the shop need to get them sold off before they go out of date.  With the regular price of these being £1 for two, I felt that 50p for two slices was a good price to give them a try; you can’t go wrong at 25p each!

While you can eat these hot or cold, the reality is that they are best served hot, straight from the oven in my opinion.  These are effectively cheese, potato and onion pasties – the cheese is a blend of mature Cheddar, medium Cheddar and Red Leicester cheeses – 100% British cheese.

Welsh Pantry Cheese Onion Slices Review

I cooked one of the slices in my toaster oven, taking just 10 minutes or so – and I ate it on its own, not as a meal, but as a snack.  I had to make it up as I couldn’t read the cooking instructions on the back of the packet, it was far too small and indistinct!  I just went by a combination of eye and desperation to eat it 🙂


Where Can You Buy Welsh Pantry Cheese & Onion Slices?

I bought this pack from Poundland and I had a quick look at where I could expect to see them for sale in the future as I did think the quality (for the price) was better than expected, but it seems that most major supermarkets have stopped stocking them.

I have seen Welsh Pantry Slices for sale in local small corner shops, so maybe that’s the place to watch out for them, rather than large supermarkets.  McColl’s is my local small shop and I’ve seen them there in the past.


It was quick and easy to cook and the pastry was a nice puff pastry.  Inside, the filling was a little chunkier than I’d expected for the price – and it was really tasty.

I would definitely consider buying these again, although I am fickle so it might be some time before I do!  I’ve popped the second cheese & onion slice in the freezer and at some future point I’ll probably serve that one with oven chips and baked beans!