Spaghetti Hoops on Toast with Cheddar Cheese

Spaghetti Hoops Toast Cheddar Cheese

Spaghetti hoops on toast with cheddar cheese is a meal I pull from what I call my essential stash of “Meals in a Tin”.  Living alone, I’ve always thought it important to keep a small stash of quick and easy tinned food available, for any days when I’m simply not feeling up to cooking.  Calling them my meals in a tin means I’ve always got my eye on there always being 2-3 items in stock.

And, right now, I’m not feeling that great to be honest.  I think I over-ate all the wrong foods at Xmas, then the flu hit and I’ve just not been able to look after myself properly at all.

So the meals in a tin stash comes into its own for those days where I simply can’t concentrate enough to open the freezer or wait too long for food.  When I just want to eat … and get back to sleep.

The type of tins I have for this purpose tend to be:

  • Spaghetti hoops
  • Baked beans with sausages (a bit more filling than just baked beans)
  • Chunky soups
  • Tinned rice pudding
  • Tinned fruit

I’ll mostly be looking for “tins I can open and serve with toast”, or tinned fruit I can eat from the can, or rice pudding that’s just one item to microwave.  As they’re tinned food, I don’t have to ever worry about dates on them!

So this will be lunch …. when I have the energy to actually open a tin and use the toaster!


  1. Two pieces of bread into the toaster.
  2. Half a can of spaghetti hoops into a mug and into the microwave; microwave on high power for 3 minutes, stirring after each minute.
  3. Tip the spaghetti hoops onto the toast. Top with cheddar cheese!

Just one bowl, a knife/fork and a mug to put in soak and abandon next to the sink to await the time when I feel energised enough to wash up!

Menu Cost 12p +

The toast and half a can of cheap spaghetti hoops comes to 12p, so then it’s just the cost of the cheese on top, which can vary depending on how much I tip on!