Slow Cooker Doesn’t Have a High and Low

If your slow cooker doesn’t have a high and low setting, or if a recipe says to turn it to high for the first hour, then to turn it down to low, don’t let that put you off!.  Maybe you won’t be around to wait an hour before turning the slow cooker down and just want to set it on low and run!

The answer is quite simple. Slow Cooker High Low Settings

One hour of cooking on High Power in a slower cooker is the equivalent of two hours cooking on low. So you just have to add an hour to the overall cooking time if you want to use the slow cooker low setting for the whole time.

An alternative, if you want to speed up the cooking time and don’t have a high setting, is to pre-heat all the ingredients by microwaving them for 5-10 minutes before adding them to the slow cooker.

Here’s a rough guide to converting slow cooker cooking times to just be on low:

  • 1 Hour on High + 4 Hours on Low = 6 Hours on Low
  • 1 Hour on High + 6 Hours on Low = 8 Hours on Low
  • 1 Hour on High + 8 Hours on Low = 10 Hours on Low

All you need to do is double the High time.  1 Hour on High = 2 Hours on Low.