Keeping Onions So They Last Longer

Keeping Onions Last Longer

For keeping onions so they last longer I’ve been using the green “Stay Fresh” bags for a few years now.  They are reusable, but they do lose their magic properties after awhile.

So how long should onions be stored for?  I’ve just bought a 1Kg bag of white/brown onions from Aldi in their Special Offers week, 1Kg for 45p, they are marked as being of the Setton variety, but I’ve never made any study of onions, to me “an onion’s an onion” beyond size/colour.

The bag contains 12 medium onions – and, by storing them in the green Stay Fresh bags I expect them to last the 3-4 months it will take me to use them up.  I know they will keep 3-4 months without a problem, but haven’t ever tested how long onions would last.

My mum used to hang the onions in nets in the lean-to at home, but I don’t have a lean-to, or that many onions to bother with this.

Here are my tips for keeping onions so they last longer:

  1. Remove them from the plastic bag they’re sold in. Wrap them in a simple paper bag.
  2. Close the bag and put it in as dark a dark place as you can find.

The problem I have is that having put the onions away so they keep – I forget I’ve got them 🙂