Kofte Kebab Meat in a Ciabatta Bread Roll

I made up this kofte kebab meat in a ciabatta bread roll, using my usual recipe, but this time I oven baked the kebab meat recipe in long sausage shapes before cutting them up.

Kebab Meat Ciabatta Bread Roll

This is a simple recipe for kebab meat that can be cooked in a slow cooker or an oven.  I switch between the cooking methods, depending on how I feel at the time and how quickly I need to cook the food.

The recipe for the kebab meat is here: Kebab Meat

I used the recipe of meat and spices, but then shaped the meat into long sausages and they were oven baked kebab meat!  This is much quicker than the slow cooker, so it’s a question of whether there’s time to stand and watch these while they cook.  Sometimes it’s nice to put food on and be able to forget it until you want to eat, which is what the slow cooker is good for.

Oven Baked Kofte Kebab Meat:

Oven Baked Kebab Meat

Once baked, I just chopped and sliced them up roughly and served with a splash of sweet chilli sauce in a ciabatta bread roll.  I freeze ciabatta bread and rolls, so I can just use one at a time.

This was a really tasty lunch – I actually made four of the kebab meat sausages and ate one immediately … leaving just three to go into bread rolls.

Bake In: Oven, Mini Oven, Toaster Oven or Worktop Convection Oven

These will bake in any type of oven you’ve got – at 190-200C for about 20 minutes.  You should turn them half way through cooking to get them evenly browned.

Once cooked, you can store the cooled kebab meat, covered, in the fridge for 3-4 days, or even freeze it.  You can cook from frozen by microwaving them for 3-4 minutes, or pop into a hot oven to reheat in 10 minutes.

You don’t need to reheat kebab meat – you can eat it cold, in a wrap, or a pitta bread – it’s all personal preference!  An alternative is to serve the kebab meat on a plate with a salad, or with some tasty hot chips 🙂

Kebab Meat in Pitta Bread

The next day I used some of this kebab meat to fill a pitta bread!  Another tasty lunch on the fly.

Oven Baked Kebab Meat Pitta Bread