Crab Cocktail with Marie Rose Sauce Tortilla Wrap

Made with crab sticks, this crab cocktail with Marie Rose sauce, which is then rolled into a tortilla wrap, is a simple and easy snack, lunch or even a main meal if you’re not overly hungry!

Crab Cocktail Tortilla Wrap Marie Rose Sauce

This crab cocktail recipe is also a “no cook” recipe requiring no special equipment! This is a simple recipe, requiring just four ingredients! While it’s possible to make a more luxurious wrap, which I sometimes do, this easy recipe just hits the spot without any hassle.

For years I’ve been eating crab sticks, although they don’t actually contain any crab – odd that!  Made from surimi fish they’re shaped into sticks, one edge is painted bright pink and then they’re wrapped individually in a thin plastic sheet.  I’ll often pick up a pack of crab sticks, especially in the summer, and eat them just as they are – sitting with 3-4 crab sticks in a bowl peeling off the film and just eating them.

However, with a bit more effort, crab sticks can be turned into a great crab cocktail and served in a tortilla wrap.


  • 1 Tortilla WrapCrab Cocktail Tortilla Wrap Marie Rose Sauce
  • 4 Crab Sticks
  • A heaped tablespoon of mayonnaise
  • A rounded tablespoon of tomato ketchup
  • Optional: salt/pepper or other seasoning of choice, such as paprika or cayenne.


  1. Mix together the mayonnaise and tomato ketchup until you’ve got the colour of Marie Rose Sauce that you like. This is a legitimate simple Marie Rose Sauce.
  2. Add any optional seasonings you care to, e.g. salt, pepper or a sprinkling of paprika or cayenne pepper.  This bit is entirely optional.
  3. Combine the shredded crab sticks with the marie rose sauce.
  4. Spread the crab mix towards one side of the tortilla wrap.
  5. Roll up your tortilla wrap, slice in half (optional) and eat!

Once made up, if you wrap these in foil and put them in the fridge they will last as long as the “use by” date on the crab sticks packet. This is a great snack to make ahead and put in the fridge to be grabbed for a last minute picnic or packed lunch.

Of course, you can also add other items into the wrap if you’ve got them – some crunch lettuce, small carrot batons, grated radish – that’s entirely your choice.  When I made this crab cocktail wrap I didn’t have any lettuce in the house and I wasn’t going to go and buy/wash one just to make the photos look ‘healthier’ 🙂

Menu Cost: 

A tortilla wrap costs just £0.08 and the crab sticks were bought as part of a pack of 10 for £0.65, making the cost of four crab sticks just £0.26.  The total cost of this tortilla wrap and filling, including the sauces used is £0.36.  A great frugal, tasty AND easy lunch or snack!

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