Compare Reduced Sugar, Reduced Salt Baked Beans: Sainsburys versus Asda

Comparison Reduced Salt Reduced Sugar Baked Beans Sainsburys Asda

For years I’ve been a fan of buying supermarket own brand reduced sugar, reduced salt baked beans – typically I’ll just buy the multipacks of four from whatever supermarket I happen to be in, so recently I had both Asda baked beans and Sainsburys baked beans in at the same time – and I thought I’d actually think about which one is the best tasting in my opinion.

I’ve been using these beans simply because I thought “every little helps” and it was a few less calories each time – and as I love baked beans and often use them, I thought it’d add up over time… without me noticing.  We’re always told to reduce these ingredients, so I figured “why not” as it was easy.

Sainsbury’s Reduced Salt & Sugar Baked Beans are typically sold at £1.15 for a four-pack, although the price does vary across the year.

Asda Reduced Sugar & Salt Baked Beans I picked up at just 98p for a four pack – so 17p cheaper.

Sometimes I’m looking for the cheapest brands – and sometimes, for products I’ll eat often, I simply forgo any perceived saving if I think the higher priced item tastes better – and that’s how it should be – don’t always skimp yourself just to save a few pennies if you don’t have to.

Half a Can of Beans = 1 Portion

Half a can of baked beans is a portion – I’ll sometimes serve myself half a can of beans, but sometimes just one third of a can – it all depends how I feel and what else I’m eating.  The figures on the cans give the “per half a can” figures, so I’ll compare those here:

  • Energy/calories. Sainsburys beans are 169 calories for half a can, Asda’s are a little lower in calories at 158 calories.
  • Fat. Sainsburys have 1.2 grams of fat/half a can. Asda’s beans contain 1.0 grams of fat/half a can.
  • Carbohydrates: Sainsburys beans have 24.6 grams/half a can.  Asda’s have 23 grams.
  • Sugars: Sainsbury’s beans are noticeably higher in sugar than Asda’s.  The Sainsbury’s tin contains 7.3 grams of sugar per half a can, while the Asda comes in at 4.5 grams
  • Both tins of baked beans are made from haricot beans, which is to be expected as those are the beans used to make baked beans!
  • Sainsburys beans contain 52% haricot beans, Asda’s tins contain 49% haricot beans.

At a quick look the two products are very similar – you’ll get a few more beans/tin in Sainsbury’s, but not any amount you’d notice.  If you’re trying to reduce sugar then the Asda beans might be the ones you head for.

Baked Beans Taste Test!

This is actually what it’s all about isn’t it.  It’s all about taste, texture and mmmmmm.

The Sainsbury’s beans are a little lighter in colour than Asda’s beans – and when it comes to taste I prefer the Sainsbury’s brand.  There isn’t a great deal of difference.  They are baked beans in tomato sauce, with very similar recipes…. but I’ll most likely mostly stick to buying Sainbury’s version – a store which is just 1 mile from my house … but if I run out of beans and happen to be in Asda then I’d not ignore theirs (Asda is a 15 mile round trip for me, so I am rarely in store).

Whether I’ve actually benefitted from heading straight for the reduced salt and reduced sugar beans, over time, nobody can tell … but at least I “feel a bit smug” when I choose them, so there’s the added “feel good factor” that I get for free 🙂