Artisan Pantry Whole Chestnuts

Artisan Pantry Cooked Chestnuts

I love the Artisan Pantry whole chestnuts, so managed to pick up a box of them ready for my Christmas dinner.  Inside the box the cooked and peeled chestnuts are vacuum packed, keeping them fresh.

Although I love the traditional roasting chestnuts over an open fire, I’ve no open fire in my house!  We used to roast chestnuts on the fire every Christmas when I was growing up.  The chestnuts would be bought, loose, at the market and they’d be a real treat to eat.

In more modern times I’ve usually bought loose chestnuts, but then cooked them in the microwave – this can be hit and miss as you really need to take into account the origin of the chestnuts and their age/size… but it’s better than going without!  Get it wrong though and you create little chestnut rocks 🙂

I now find it’s easier to have a box of vacuum packed chestnuts in the house.  These have been cooked and peeled and are ready to use, or eat.

I add some to the brussels sprouts, a few more are usually added to my stuffing and I’ll eat a few after microwaving them for a few seconds!

Buying chestnuts in a packet is convenient and you take the hit and miss out of knowing what the quality is of each individual nut.

This packet’s got a chestnut stuffing recipe on it – I’ll type that up and post it soon, so I don’t lose it.

Ready to Eat!

That’s the beauty of these chestnuts, they’re already ready to eat so can be simply added to any recipe, or nibbled as a snack.

How many chestnuts are in a box? They are vacuum packed and there’s about 24 in there.


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