Aldi Bag for Life – I Know My Onions

Aldi Bag For Life Brown I Know My Onions

I Know My Onions is the slogan printed on the latest Aldi Bag for Life I’ve bought.  My collection is growing nicely!  This is a nice brown coloured bag, costing just 40p, with pictures of onions on it.

Not the most exciting of products that could be portrayed on a bag, but I love the way Aldi bother to produce these new Bag for Life shopping bag designs on a regular basis.  I am just addicted, but it’s a useful addiction….I wonder how I’ll use this one.  It could be for all manner of bits and bobs around the house that I decide “need sorting out”.

Acquisition is the first action of the journey – now I have the bag I’ll find a use for it somewhere 🙂

I used to not think about taking shopping bags with me before the 5p charge for plastic carrier bags came in.  Over the following year or so I depleted most of those I had at home that I’d kept to re-use – and then I visited my sibling and was sent home with some food from her cupboard she didn’t want, which she handed over in a Bag for Life. I’d never thought about them before, but instantly loved the durability and size/flexibility of them!  I was hooked 🙂

I’m not about saving the planet, these bags just tap into my inner OCD, my inner desire to organise everything and my inner hoarder 🙂