Microwave Basmati Rice & Peas

Basmati Rice Frozen Peas

I cook a lot of basmati rice, to accompany a variety of curries and meatball meals – but it’s sometimes nice to just do something a little different, but without too much effort of course!

I cook basmati rice in a microwave steamer – which tends to take me 10 minutes if I’m cooking one portion and 13-14 minutes if cooking a double portion. However you cook rice though, you can make it look a little more interesting by adding in some frozen peas in the last minute of cooking.

Here’s How: 

  • Pour out a portion of frozen peas into a mug – how many peas you use is up to you, how many do you fancy?
  • Fill the mug with boiling water.  Give them a stir and sit them to one side for 5-10 minutes.
  • Drain the peas and add them to your basmati rice about 1 minute before the rice has finished cooking.
  • You can, alternatively, microwave the drained peas in the mug, for 15-20 seconds and then add them to the rice if you’ve already finished cooking it and only just thought to add peas!

It’s that simple – and those peas will count towards any five a day you might be feeling guilty about!