Noodle Bowls, Microwave Safe Cooking

For decades most of my daily cooking’s been done in a microwave oven, more so in the last two years when I’ve not had an oven available a lot of the time as I was moving around.  I’ve preferred to use Pyrex jugs for a lot of that cooking, I like having a handle to grab hold of when putting things into and taking hot food out of the microwave.  I’ve always been a bit clumsy so this suits me. For some smaller items I use mugs in the microwave, such as cooking a few spoons of peas!

Earlier in the year, however, I spotted Microwave Noodle Bowls for sale – and thought they looked really good, really handy.  The Microwave Noodle Bowl is microwave safe and has a handle, but it’s also got a lockable lid with a vent, so food is portable, making it great for making microwave meals to carry to work.  One dish, a great idea. Microwave Noodle Bowls

I was so taken by it that I also bought one in the large mug shape; this has also got a locking lid with a vent, it’s just a different size/shape.  I thought they might come in handy for decanting the slow cooker meals and storing them in the fridge until I either eat them or freeze them, but I’ve ended up also using them for cooking too!   They’re just easy to use and a great size.

Well, I’ve been so impressed by the performance of the Microwave Noodle Bowl and the mug that I bought two more!  So now I’ve got four great lidded microwave containers, enough for life!

They’re also freezer-safe.

You’ll often see these in my photos – although they’re not photogenic as I chose the red ones!  Red doesn’t photograph very nicely with food.  But that’s life.

I’ve not only recommended them to several friends so far, but a few lucky people will be getting them as Christmas presents this year!


I went to a friend’s for dinner and she showed me her latest kitchen cookware!  She’d bought one of these – I’d thought about getting her one at Xmas, but I figured she might already have something similar as she’s an Green Microwave Noodle Bowlavid cook.  Hers was bright blue …. and I was so filled with bowl envy I rushed home and ordered myself a nice, new, bright green one!

I can feel an obsession coming on! But, I figure they’ll last me for life, so they’re an investment!

My friend bought hers so she can take herself some meals to work – cereals in the main – so they’re not just for microwave cooking!